Catholic schools in Toronto, Canada are faith-based educational institutions. Private specialized educational institutions in Canada offer both secular and religious curriculum.

Math, History, English, and Science lessons are included in the secular curriculum. During the classes on Catholicism, students study the Bible and learn the applications of religious values to life.

Also, they learn religious faith and prayers. Catholic private schools of Toronto use different learning patterns, cultures, policies, personality development priorities, etc.

Catholic elementary schools in Toronto Canada

The best catholic elementary schools in Toronto accept 200-300 elementary students per year aged from six to twelve years. Additionally, catholic elementary schools in Toronto provide a culture of the best religious tradition using family and school relationships to build a learning community supported by hard work and commitment.

Private catholic schools in Toronto offer multiple benefits to students, including advanced learning of Catholicism, dedicated teachers, close communication within the community of like-minded persons, and progressive learning environment.

Toronto catholic secondary schools 

Children from 12 to 18 years old can join secondary educational institutions offering religious classes. At secondary educational institutions, students can learn religious beliefs, doctrines, and practices.

Besides, like in any other secondary school, they are taught general human values such as responsibility, sense of community, respect to others, and family relationships.

It’s not necessary to practice this religion to join one of these educational institutions as children of other religions can be admitted as well. For example, roughly half of the students studying at Chris Ruch School don’t belong to this religion. Students studying at these best catholic schools in Toronto are encouraged to grow in this faith.

There are plenty of good elementary and secondary private educational institutions in Canada, catholic schools Toronto aren’t exception. Among the best catholic schools in Toronto are Annex and Bloor West in downtown, St. Clair West, Vaughan, Markham, Etobicoke, and Forest Hill in midtown.

You can always choose an educational institution for your child among other Toronto Catholic schools nearby and contact or other admissions counselors in your area.