Muslim Private Schools in Toronto

Muslim schools in toronto offer religion-based education to students. There is a vast variety of Islam schools in Toronto, such as Scarborough, Mississauga, and Brampton, to name a few. Each of them focuses on learning various secular subjects and uses its unique approach. Sometimes children studying at muslim schools in Canada are proposed to learn Persian or Arabic language.

The secular curriculum of private muslim schools in Toronto Canada
Muslim private schools offer a dual curriculum: secular and religious to provide balanced learning for students. Core subjects, such as English, French, Math, History, and Science, are included in the curriculum. However, music, drama, and dance are not included. Additionally, students learn not only standard subjects, but general values like trust, justice, honesty, and honor as well.

The religious curriculum of Muslim Schools in Toronto

The aim of the religious curriculum is to five the fundamentals of this religion to students. At these educational institutions, children study the Quran, tenets of this religion, learn Islamic law, and practice these lessons in real life. The religious studies focus on monotheism, attributes of God, and ties between God and Islamic law. Sometimes students are also taught Islamic culture and history of Islam. As well as other people, students pray five times a day at school.

It’s worth to mention that there are certain dress code rules in Islamic educational institutions: girls are required to cover heads and wear long dresses, while boys can be asked to wear long pants. Additionally, there are requirements for the dietary: students can’t eat pork, drink alcohol, or smoke.

Benefits of Muslim schools in Toronto Canada

Islamic educational institutions or Muslim Schools in Toronto offer many benefits for those interested in this specific education:

  • Strong academics
  • Focus on Islamic identity
  • Learning the Arabic language
  • Interaction with peers from the Islamic community
  • Low tuition costs

Overall, the above-mentioned educational institutions in Toronto Canada offer education specific to the requirements of people having Muslim origins.