Instilling Strong Jewish Values from an Early Age The choice of Jewish day schools in Toronto should be explored early on in our children’s lives. We want the absolute best for them in terms of learning experiences and continued Jewish heritage preservation beginning from an early age. Many parents have already made a choice of Jewish day school for their child by the time the child is two or three years old; these day schools typically start offering classes for children as early as junior kindergarten. Preserving traditional conservative Jewish values is important to you and your family; choosing a Jewish Day Schools in Toronto that mirrors those values is imperative. In a world that continues to threaten the traditions and practice of conservative Jewish faith, it is a relief to know your child is in a learning environment that reinforces the same traditional values your child is exposed to at home. The teachings of prayers and commandments are presented to students in a way that promotes critical discussion and a deeper understanding. This helps to ensure that the Jewish values instilled on your child will provide the foundations of Judaism for life and be strong enough to be passed down for generations to come. The Value of Creative Learning Many schools continue to use outdated learning methods to educate students. Many of these methods are rigid and result in a natural suppression of creative thinking. Young children are full of creative thoughts and have the ability to look at the solutions to problems in unique ways. This ability to solve problems creatively is one of our most valuable assets in life. The best Hebrew schools in Toronto will educate using methods that not only preserve our creative thinking from an early age, but also use new interactive technologies that actually promote natural expansion of creativity, confidence and critical thinking. The learning curriculum should involve a seamless integration between general and Judaic studies. This integration is essential for students to achieve academic excellence and become well-rounded individuals able to succeed in all aspects of life. From the first day of enrollment right up until successful graduation, the private school should encourage preservation of the student’s individualism while also providing a family oriented learning environment. The best Jewish Day Schools in Toronto have outstanding abilities to achieve this complicated balance. Finding the Best Jewish Day School Reputation is one of the most important factors when considering a private Jewish school for your child. Schools with the best reputations have a solid history of tradition and satisfied parents. Many parents prefer a school within walking distance of their home. Schools that are situated close to traditionally Jewish areas in Toronto (such as Bathurst and Eglinton) provide this added convenience for many families. In addition to providing exceptional learning experiences, the best schools also offer other exciting opportunities for students. Some of these activities include intramural sports and art classes. These types of physical and creative outlets allow students to live a healthy and rewarding lifestyle. Enroll your child in the best Jewish day school Toronto has to offer with a warm and welcoming conservative Jewish environment. Choose a creative learning experience combining conservative Jewish Day Schools in Toronto and revolutionary learning techniques.